Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Jayde Nicole

So, I am quite ashamed to admit that I do love The Hills, I can't wait for the next series & that I do get upset when I realise i've missed an episode...


This post is not about The Hills, it's about the girl called Jayde Nicole that was Brody Jenners girlfriend for the whole 2nd series & I think for part of the 1st too.. not sure!
But I reeeally envy this girl, she's so gorgeous!

btw how happy do they look here?

Ok, so your jealous enough?
She has lovely hair, she's so pretty & an amazing body!
Does anyone else agree with me? I will admit that she was abit scarey in the hills but I was sad when they broke up at the end of series 2 :(
Glad I got it off my chest that I am infact jealous of this girl ha! xoxo


  1. omg i agree! im so jelous haha x

  2. She's got the body but I don't really like her face.

  3. i agree with all of you, & amelia she does kind of sometimes look hotter than other times.. if that makes sense? haha xxx

  4. She is incredibly pretty.. I also love the 'respect' tattoo she has (although you can only see it if you browse through her playboy pictures.. And I'm guilty of doing that :))..

    But, I think she looks a bit.. well, I little bit like a doll. Which is good, but also.. a little fake :) But then again, she's a playmate, not a girl next door :)

  5. Yeah, I think she looks abit like a doll too!

  6. I love love love Jayde Nicole. I got to meet her in Toronto and she was so nice to all her fans and she was absolutely gorgeous in person! Thanks for all the pics!!