Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Hi girls, so I know i've not posted a blog in a while & the reason for this is, last Thursday in the early hours of the morning around 2/3 am I was awoken by a very upset stomach that had not dispeared from Wednesday evening and I was up all night being sick :(
As you know or should since I haven't shut up about it, it was my 18th birthday on Sunday but I was having a Hawaiing themed party on Saturday, so I was very upset and scared incase I wasn't well enough for that! However due to some heavy sleeping, pain killers and staying off work I woke up on Saturday feeling well enough to enjoy my party :)
Above is a photo of myself on the day of my 18th birthday (sunday) just before my boyf and I headed out :)

I have bought a few items of make-up, nothing crazy just a few things I really needed..

Boing Concealer by Benefit (which my boyf picked up for me on the day of my party before he arrived at my house that day, life saver!! luckily he was coming to my house about 4 hours before the party began!)

The Max Volumne flash mascara by Rimmel - which I love

and I picked up a random hot pink nail polish by (i think) rimmel too because I couldn't decide on which to nail polish to wear..

I did buy a new outfit and got a few nice gifts & I think I might do a video and upload it, instead of taking photos and having to upload them all.. very lazy I know, but look out for that :)!
With everyone being so kind I managed to receive £410 from everyone!! and i'm not sure wether I should buy a titp ticket, go to london with my boyf in the summer for a few long days or buy my first pair of Christian Louboutin's.. ee what do you girls think??

Here are a few photos from my birthday party :)

Pj edgar and myself

This is my birthday cake from my parents

A little drunk, might I say ?

two of my favourite people in the world :) (boyf)

Kayla rose and myselff

So I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and look out for my video! xoxo


  1. Glad you had a good birthday :) XO

  2. Happy birthday!!!sweet eighteen!!!

  3. I think everybody should know how epic that party was ahah! love youuuu

  4. happy bday hun!! i wish you all the best! btw i love the theme of the party and you look extra cute. :)

  5. glad u felt better for ur party hun! the photos are great :)