Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Good afternoon to you, as work has been pretty quite today & i've been online window shopping as per usual, it gave me an idea to put together a little post on work clothes, how to dress for work & a few of my favourite smart but stylish looks!

If you work in an office then this is great for you, if not then there's no harm on wearing clothes stlyed like this even in your everyday life. I've been on and in their work wear section.. i've been in no way paid to boast about their clothing or rant about it, but that's not what i'm doing anyway. Basically they had all the styled clothes I was looking for & i'm pretty sure you could find the same clothes else wear & maybe for a cheaper price!

So i've just put together 3 types of each item & i'm going to talk my way through why I this is a good thing & what you could pair with this to make it work :)
Hope you enjoy girls xx


Left to Right. These blouses all range from £25/30

Top one. This is a colourful blouse, that I would say is best being paired with black, whether it be a skirt or trousers, black is the colour to wear with alot of colour, it makes it stand out alot more. It's always nice to have abit of colour to your outfit even if it is just for work.

Top two. This is the prettiest white blouse I have ever seen! I love this blouse, i love the ruffle and how the buttons are black. Again, this would be best paired with black & a black or grey cardi paired over it would be lovely.

Top three. I love my pinks & nudes and this is a must have for a preppy look. the lace down the front is darling and the collar just adds to the preppy look. I feel this would be paired lovely with black long trousers & a lovely grey blazer!


Left to Right again. These all range from £20/30
First skirt. This is a great skirt to have for work, it's not a skin tight pencil skirt so if your a tiny bit self concious about your legs/hips, this would fit nicely. I would most defenetly wear this with tall heels & no tights(in the summer) Since it's winter there's nothing wrong with a pair of tanned coloured tights or black tights.
Trousers. These are my favourtie item to wear to work, I don't have a pair exactly like these but I lovee this look, I would pair this with a white shirt, blazer & defenetly boot heels. I feel boot heels make your legs look longer & taller with these trousers.
Shorts. These are the perfect shorts for work, if your not able to wear short shorts to work, throw on a pair of these matched with tights or no tights. Heels or flats, a nice shirt & a blazer or cardi would go lovely.


Left to right.
Dress one. This is my favourite dress, i'm sure. I love the colour, the material & the style of the dress. I would keep this dress for the summer wear without tights, with heels & a gorgeous blazer.
Dress two. This is also a cute dress for summer, I would prefer not to wear any sort of jacket with this dress, no tights and preferably flat shoes!
Dress three. I think this is one of the biggest dresses people love to wear to work, it is infact a dress & not shirt and skirt. This would be best paired with no tights, heels and a nice fitting jacket.


Left to right.
Blazer one. This is my favourite jacket & if I had £65 spare to hand then It would be mines! It's such a casual look but yet quite smart & stylish. This would maybe be best paired with trousers & heels to smarten it up abit.
Blazer two. This is a lovely cropped fitted jacket, perfect to pair with a dress in the summer, of any colour. Also would be stunning paired with black trouses & a black or white top. You basically can't go wrong with this jacket. It costs £40 i thinkk
Blazer three. This is the cutest little tweed? It looks tweed not sure ha! But yes, i love the colours in this blazer, it is so nicely shaped and looks quite heavy too so perfect for the winter! Maybe best to pair this with a pair of trousers & a plain top as there is alot going on with this jacket.


Left to Right.
Shoes one. Personally I find it easier to walk in heels that are strapped to my feet, i'm quite helpless with shoes that don't but I get on! These are the perfect everyday heels for work.
Shoes two. These are the type of booties i'm talking about to wear with the long trousers. So stylish. Love them!
Shoes three. Since wearing heels every single day is abit of a bother, don't forget to have your selected pair of heels waiting to be shoved on, when you can't be bothered!
Samantha xoxo

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