Wednesday, 27 January 2010

What do you think?

So every girl knows, it's a rule that she has to look good and feel good on her birthday and buy a whole new outfit head to toe to help do so :)

However, I have no idea what style i'm going to go for, I have a few in mind but would like more honest opinions.. i've put a few quick things together, baring in mind that these won't be the exact items as i'll probably buy the items from the highstreet instead of online..

Outfite one - Basically this is the most revealing one, yet so pretty. I would wear a crop top and high waisted skirt with or without tights with a pair of nice massive wedges & some pretty nude/pink acessories :)

Outfit two - This is a more laid back yet gorgeous look.. not trying too hard but still stylish and girly.. here I would wear a long cardi with print or detail to it, with some lace leggings, a statement necklace and if I do go with this outfit, deffo these shoes as I tried them on in topshop but didn't buy them because I didn't really want to pay £30 for a pair of flats i'd never get a chance to wear.. now i will!!

Outfit three - This is my favourite and what I think I may go with in the end! Perfect pretty outfit with an edge. These boots would look perfect with this outfit, with a nice flower in my hair, black nail polish and the perfect pink lip.
What do you think? Outfit one, two or three?
I'd really appriciate your opinion :)
Also other plans for my birthday
Starting the gym this Friday which will be the 29th January.. I have until the 19th February to be slim, stop eating alot of crap and in tone.. also rid of at least half my bum!
And for my lovely glow, I plan on using the St Tropez I got at christmas :) xoxo
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  1. outfit three most definitely! with heeled boots
    superb :)

  2. thanks for you opinion, thats my fav one too! xx

  3. I like the firts one, it'so sexy :)
    I LOVE the wedges!

  4. yes i do love the wedgess :) xx

  5. I love the first look! the wedges, the top & just everything would be so pretty & romantic x

  6. just to let u know too babe, I tagged u in my new blog post that Im about to publish, the happy 101 tag
    Steph x

  7. I love the last look! Gorgeouss :) oh and the first look too! Haha they're all so nice. xxx

  8. Thank you girls, i still can't choose tho!! and thank you Steph i'll do that next time I get a minute :)! xxx