Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tag :)

So the lovely Steph @ tagged me to do the Happy 101 tag :) This girl has a great blog, she's a lovely girl & has amazing style!
As i'm slighty very muchly hungover today this will most likely be the only post I get to do today! :(

So on with the tag!
Rules: To list 10 things that make you happy, try and do one of them today and pass it on to ten people....

1. Holidays - This is also one that Steph has mentioned; there's something about waking up and everything being all rushed and then going to the airport and waiting and waiting for the flight & then when you arrive at the airport and its all warm! I just love going on holiday even though it's been a while :(

2. My best friend - It's really wierd because no matter how upset or down I am about something if I go visit Cheryl or if we go out, I forget all about it and just automatically become happy again.

3. My boyfriend - It will be 2 years soon & i'm just so lucky that I got my hot best friend as a full time boyfriend after a year of being so close. Even though we have our ups & downs, he makes up for it and never fails to make me smile, even when i'm mad at him!

4. My mum - Even though my mum and I were worst enemies when I was growing up, we're pretty close I would say, the cloest we've ever been, after being really unhappy at the beginning of summer last year, she did everything she could to make me happy and see the bright side of things again. She trusts me alot more now that i've grown up and I look forward lots of nights out with my mummy :)

5. My pupppppy - Maybe not 'puppy' but my 4/5 year old Westie, Jack. I love him soso much & even though he used to hate me for being so annoying and picking him up and cuddleing him, now i'm older i'm not a pest to him & he is just so lovable & still looks really young & tiny!

6. Cosmopolitans - Besides today, being very hungover because I decided to drink a good few of them on an empty stomach last night. I will never love a cocktail as much as I do with this one, it tastes so yummy & it looks so pretty !
7. Tea - When I wake up in my boyfriends I lovee to start the day with a cup of tea in bed. There's nothing like your morning cup of tea :)
8. Baby cousin Evie - Everytime I see her little face, it makes me more & more excited to have a child. She laughs & laughs for ages but hardly ever crys. She has the cutest little fact ever & my aunt dresses her in the most adorable clothes
9. Food - Even though I complain & complain about my weight and how I look, I can't help but love & enjoy an amazing meal. It also makes me happy to get ready and go out for dinner :)
10. Shopping! - Of course this one had to be in here somewhere, after thinking so hard I missed out the number one thing that makes me happy in life. Shopping, whether it's for make-up, clothes, shoes, presents. I just can't help but leave the shop with a smile on my face after purchasing some new items :)
Here I tag -
Anyway that's all, hope you are all having a great week & speak soon! xoxo


  1. Thank you for tagging me. I'll do it soon :))

  2. Thanks so much for doing the tag sweet, and the lovely things you wrote :D (huge smile on my face now)
    Lovely tag, loved doing this! YAY for holidays
    Steph x

  3. I look forward to your post Natalie! and yes YAY for holidays :)! xx