Monday, 25 January 2010

Wedge Love

Yet another post..
So after hating and slaughtering wedges for years near enough! I've grown to love them & infact think I will buy a pair to wear on my birthday..
I've numbered them and will talk through these & let you in on the price :)
1. Topshop Asher Laced Up Wedge Boots -£40
2.Diane von Furstenberg Opal leather wedges - £185 Available on
3. YSL Shoe/Wedges? down to £240 available from
4. Burberry Leather Wooden Wedge Heels - £325 available from
5. Deena & Ozzy Woven Wedge Bootie - £42 available from Urban outfitters
6. Chloe Wood & Canvas Wedges - £405 available from net-a-porter
7. Steve Madden Wedges - £68 Available from

My Favourites are 1,5 & 7 xxo


  1. i love to look at wedges but they make me look super tall haha,

  2. I go on and off wedges pretty easily. I have a gorgeous pair from Topshop, but I just tend to wear them any more.
    i love pair 4 on ur list about :)

  3. haha i love to look supertall!! and @stepho188 i think ill probably go on and off them too! xxx