Monday, 25 January 2010

We meet again ..

Hello girls, So after making plans to go to the Tee In The Park Festival in June & then aboard late summer, plans have changed for the better !

My parents and Sister are going to Florida in December & were nice enough to invite me and my boyfriend along. They are going for 3 weeks but if kieran cannot get 3 weeks off work then himself and I will just go for two.

We'll go to all the parks including DisneyLand again!! I'm so excited because I really wanted to go to Florida again but basically we couldn't afford it, although if my parents get a villa then it will be much cheaper and affordable!

Although it will cost around or just under £2,000 we better start saving !! No more random nights out or random make-up/clothes buying! It's savesavesave :(

I'm so happy about this & cannot wait for December! xoxo


  1. Im so jelous of you. I love Walt Disney, I've been a few times & then me and my boyfriend went last April and I just fell in love all over again. plus Florida is just magical! I love it, I plan to get married in the Grand Floridian wedding chappel!
    Im so jelous- have u been in December time before? we went over Christmas, and went to MGM (hollywood studios) on Christmas Day, was very weird!
    Steph x

  2. Awwww that sounds lovely!
    my parents used to take my sister and I every year until we were about 10 and we've not been for ages now, so i'm so excited !

    Noo, i've never been in December before.. I'm abit worried incase it's not very hot but i'm still soso excited ;D
    if you have any photos of that you should really show me them, that sounds amazing!! xxx

  3. ooo I feel excited for u! u saw my other post, so see im going to Disneyland, but hear its nothing compare to Florida- it still gets me my little fix until next time though.
    December is a lot chiller, but doesnt have the random storms/rain like it does in the Summer.
    Im sure u are a wizz anyway, but if u want any help/tips on anything I kinda went Disney mad before I went so am pretty clued up- is amazing forum too if u need to know ANYTHING.
    I dont have any photos-on my laptop, from when we went at Christmas. it was like 10 years a go or so now. I have loads from when we last went though if u wanna see anything :)
    sorry if i've rambled- Disney gets me so excited tho- im a looser I know
    Steph :) x

  4. ahhaa aw thats so much for that website i was trying to google and find some helpful website but failed!
    oh yeah i'd love to see the photos from when you went last time , that'd be interesting :)
    haha aw don't worry im sure when i come back there will be plenty or rambling from myself!