Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Hi girls, long time no post haven't felt up to doing one tbh.. Just going to do a little random rambling and show you my new love.

Firstly, i'd like to say that Borders is shutting down, the book shop. I personally find it quite sad because the borders we have, was the place my boyfriend and I would always go and sit and have a coffee in the winter after being shopping or whatever. :[

I've almost gotten all of my christmas shopping done! Just one more main thing to get for my boyfee and then another little extra thing. Gave my parents and sister money for going away on holiday [which is tomorrow!] bought my best friend hers last week and almost finish with my boyfriends. Basically that's all i'm buying for this year, i've gotten off very easily I know.

Contest- my reasons for taking it down were, I was trying to delete unfinished posts and tidy up my 'edit post' thingy and deleted off my contest by accident, I was going to put it back up but it didn't have very much comeback tbh so I've just left it until after January, it will be after January though because I get paid next weekend and thats me for SEVEN WEEKS! It's going to be tough ..


This is the YSL Touche Blush, I've not heard much about this which is probably why it's never caught my eye but after browsing around John lewis' makeup section, this caught my eye and I was smitten ! The normal size is £26 but they didn't have the colour I wanted it was sold out and the other two colours wouldn't have suited me, so I got a mini limited edition one which i'm kind of now regretting, as I would have rathered went to Debenhams or House of Fraser and spend an extra £6 on a bigger one.. but oh well, I still love it :)
Also, thinking of doing a review/post on lush face masks, what I think of them and ones I recommend for different skint types? I only bought three though, so If you would like a review on a different mask, defenetley leave it in the comments and i'll check it out for you !
That's all girls,
Hope you all had a lovely weekend, xxx


  1. Thanks for following hun, I love your blog!

  2. Thank you, I love yours too! xx