Monday, 30 November 2009

Lush haul!

Hi lovlies, finally the lush haul :)

Thinking of starting my contest this week and having it on for about 2/3 weeks and it'll finish just before Christmas, so that gives me time to get the prizes as I will also be busy buying Christmas presents.

If you spent over 50 pounds, you got a free gift bag. I spent about 60, so here is the giftbag :)

Sea Vegtable, which my boyfriend is in love with! Soap bar

I really love this facemask, it makes me skin very soft. I defenetley recommend this to anyone with dry skin like myself!

Three bath bombs..
Big blue bath, No idea which one the middle is? & Lil lush pud..

Got this for after usage of the face maks, the man told my sister and I to always remember to hydrate your face. So I bought this and you just spray it onto cotton balls and then apply all over your face.

Face masks,

Cosmetic Warrior and BB Seaweed. I love the both of this, the first one if for my sister and it aims towards fighting spots and oily skin. The BB Seaweed is perfect for if your just starting out with facemasks, so I grabbed this one!

Shower gel for body and hair. This stuff smells AMAZING, i think it smells a cross between strawberry milkshake and bubblegum, i've not yet used this so can't really tell you anything about it, bought it purely for the smell :)

Shower Jellies, Sweetie Pie and Woosh. In my opinion these two are the best most smelling ones. The Sweetie pie (purple one) smells just like Ribeana juice and berries, also the woman told me it scares away spiders!! Deffo a must have.. Also not yet used Woosh.
You can freeze these and use them as a bar, which I think I am defenetley going to do.

Butter Cream, Ring of Roses.. I added a few of these Roses to my bath water and it looked lovely. This is a creamy soap used for in the shower or in the bath, I love it, it smells amazing and looks soo pretty!!

Father Forest Soap, Pretty sure I was told this was limited edition and i don't actually remember what this smells as I left it at my boyfriends but I just remember I had to get it!!

Sweetie Soap Stack, these come in a pack and for under £8 i think is a bargain! They smell.. basically like sweeties. Also not used yet (not very helpful am I???!!)

Massage bar, Each Peach.. smells like creamy peaches and I am in love with this!! What you do is massage the bar over your body once you have came out of the shower/bath and the heat of your body will melt it onto your skin, then rub in.. I find it works better if your just out the bath..
Also warning, I can understand how you might not like these, so be careful before you buy!

Strawberry feels forever, another massage bar. Not too into the smell of this, just smells like white strawberry chocolate.. quite sickning, however I still like to use it!!
If you see above the Each Peach massage bar is in a tin, well if you buy two massage bars you get one free and they are about £2.50 normally!

Creamy Candy Bath, MY FAVOURITE. Crumble this under the water as you run your bath and it creates bubbles and makes the water so relaxing and dreaming. I will most defenetley be buying a few of these next time i visit lush!! I bought two of these anyway

Jingle Spells Bath fizz, didn't really love the smell of this it was my sister, however it turrned the bath water purple tonight and there were lots of little stars in there too, it looked so lovely and relaxing. My sister enjoyed it :)

Anyway girls, thank you for reading. Leave me a little comment with your favourite lush product and if you would like a review on any of these? I will do my favourite and least favourite as i said though..
Goodnight girls, Love Samantha xoxo


  1. OMG, i love your haul!!

    isn't snow fairy the best? i love it so much. if you like that soap, you should buy angel's delight. it smells just like a snowcone, it's my favorite product from lush!

    and please let me know about sea vegetable. i've been thinking about picking that one up.

    love your blog! =)

  2. I just did a haul myself and one of the products was Whoosh. I hope you like it, and I'll be sure to put up my haul too!

  3. @ vi snow fairy smells amazing and i sure will let you know how it works out!

    @clearly beautiful blog , i will deffo look out for your haul! xx