Friday, 20 November 2009

Update & I&O

Hi Girls, Haven't posted in a while becuase basically i've no money! Thought I would share with you all what I plan on buying at the end of the month ..

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation
Mac Concealer in Pot form
Mac Eyeshadow Palette - with four spaces.. I plan to make this up of eyeshadow bases (neutral colours)
Mac Eyeshadow Palette - with four spaces.. This one i'll add colours for crease
YSL Rouge volupte Lipstick, not sure what shade yett
Elf 9piece Brushes

I have also wrote down what presents i'm going to get for people and who i'm buying for. I just have to wait until the start of December to start buying. I'm actually quite proud of myself :)

My boyfriend has said he has a suprise for me but he's not telling me what it is because i'm not telling him what i'm getting him for Christmas. He's just so evil!!

Ins & Outs
New mug that Mary in work brought me back from her holiday.
Understanding alot more at college.
The fact my boyfriend is alowed to stay over at my house while my parents and sister are away on holiday.
Planning out Christmas.
The fact it's so close until i'm 18!!
The fact it's constantly raining & the wind has broken two of my umberellas one day after another!!
How i've managed to loose my two eyeshadow brushes & that I now have to use my concealer brush to do everything!
How I have to use windows messenger in work because the windows live failed and you must have the new one to sign in ..
& of course missing my boyfee, as always !
Hope you girls are having a lovely week, enjoy your day and weekend!
Love Samantha xoxo

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