Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ins and Outs

It's Tuesday night & i'm just sitting watching Eastenders about to go for a nice warm bath & then study for college. Shame about studying..

Though i'd do a little Ins and Outs, maybe do an October favourites a little later on!

Winter and Christmas finally being here, this is my favourite time of the year as I say everytime I bring it up.. Halloween has already been & now Bonfire night is a few days away! Next it will be Christmas in no time then my boyfriend turns 18 in January then myself in February! Does anyone else think this year has flown in?

My new laptop! My mum and dad bought me a new laptop that is for myself only and not to share with my sister or themselves either! Even though it's part of my christmas, I had the biggest smile on my face!

Spending time with my boyfriend, since he got a new job. Seeing him makes things even more special although I honestly can't stand missing him. We always have fun when we see each other. I love him with everything<3xx

Lipgloss, no idea why i'm loving this right now considering I hate lipgloss! Well usually ha! I don't know I just have this urge to wear it

Spending far too much money, far too soon before the start of the month is even in! I can never keep control of my money & it sucks. But oh well, money is for spending I suppose.

College, being back at college is really depressing. Not only is it on a Thursday night when everything happens, so I'm missing Bonfire night this week! But I'm behind as I was late to start and i'm having to catch up. Shorthand is the hardest thing ever. :(

That's about all lovelys. I tag you! to do your ins and outs. :) xoxo

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