Thursday, 12 November 2009


Hi girls, So I have a party tomorrow and i've quite no idea what look to wear(eyes) .. I have plenty of colours that I could work with, so if you could kindly leave some comments with what look you would wear to a party .. it's an 18th birthday party in a pub so there's no going over board I guess !

I think i'd like to do a smokey eye but with a twist .. any ideas?

I'll probably wear a floral tunic with black tights and big heels just for an idea of a perfect finished look ..
I'd really appriciate it as I spent forever trying to make one last night and I just got fed-up :(


  1. I would go for a neutral eye.. just a flick of eyeliner and plenty of mascara then wear a nice bright lipstick.


    a smokey eye using brown eyeshadows from something like the Sleek Safari palette, then neutral lips.


  2. I think the first idea would be nice :) I was thinking of a neutral eye and then red lipstick .. thank you for the suggestion :) ! xoxo

  3. Hey, well i really like doing a dark purple smokey eye with nude lips at the moment! i'm sure youll look lovely whatever you do xxxx

  4. Thanks !! I'll give a few looks a try before I decide on one anyway, i'll deffo try that out :)xoxo