Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Christmas List

Hi girls, So I know, maybe i'm a little old for one of these but! this isn't a list to santa or a list to my parents this is just a few things i'd like to get off different people or buy with my own money at Christmas. Maybe this will give you a few ideas of what you want for Christmas if you have no idea yet!

Juicy Couture Hangbag-

Navy one at the front, hopefully this will be a Christmas present from my boyfriend to me, it's not for defenet yet but i'm really excited. I did plan on buying this myself but my boyfriend said it was so lovely too and said he would get me it as a Christmas Present :)

Wicked Short Wraps Ugg Boots-

How seriously adorable are these? Defenetley would love these although probably something i'll have to save for myself.. they are just so girly and I can imagine how warm they are! I don't have a pair of real uggs right now, so that's quite sad .

Lola Marc Jacobs Perfume-

If i'm totally honest, I don't entirely want this for the smell, I have a sample though and it is so yummy, the thing that dragged me towards this perfume is the bottle, I don't care how Cheesey or Over-dramatic the bottle is. I'm in love.

Not sure if i already mentioned this but my parents have already gotten me a new laptop, which is love and i'm so happy I got a new one. So that was part of my Christmas from them. :)

Obviously i'd love lots of makeup, but i'm pretty sure i'd rather I bought that with the money I get for christmas. Oooh i'm so excited!!

My citys main square's Christmas lights go on this Sunday and it's such a big deal. They put an amazing firework display on and Christmas music and eee it's so Fabulous. Unfortunatley last year, I was too late for tickets, as you get them free from the City Council and everyone goes crazy with getting as many as they can .. so we didn't go last year ;[ I've been lots before though..
My boyfriend & I however got tickets this year!! I have a spare ticket, so i'm hoping if Cheryl can get one more ticket her boyfriend and herself can come along with us!

Ohhh I love ittt, what do you think of my presents?
P.s i'd love some ideas with what presents I could get my boyfriend, it's so hard to buy for guys!!

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  1. I absolutely love how I too have been yearning for that exact bag, in the exact shade, and that exact perfume myself :) You definitely have a very similar taste to me, and a very good one too! haha ;) :) Once more, a lovely post! :) xx