Wednesday, 4 November 2009



Please excuse the puffy-ness of my eyes and how small they look, this was taking before work & I was still pretty tired!



I put my base onto my eyelid (concealer) and lined my waterline with black eyeliner. Then I put Loreal Chrome shine all over my eyelid and then Mac Honesty over the top, I then put my liquid eyeliner on my eyelid with a small flick on the end. I put Loreal Chrome shine under my waterline, Put mascara on & Curled my eyelashes!

I put my concealer over any blemishes/redness/undereye bags. Then I put on my foundation which is Loreal True Match & then put on my power with is by Rimmel but the name rubbed off. I then put more concealer over my undereye bags & rubbed it in well. Then I applied my Dior Bronzer to my cheek (doing the fish face!) and contoured up to my temple. Then I used my mac blush to my cheek bones and contoured up to my temple also!

Just some Claires Lipgloss. You can see this on my October Favourites.

This is my hair after doing a style I found on youtube. If you would like a tutorial on how to do, then please just comment & ask. By doing this it makes your hair wavy, this works much better if your hair is very long!


This is my outfit I wore to work today, sorry about all of the black. Not sure if you can see but my tights are a burgandy colour! AND PLEASE IGNORE THE SILLY WAVE AT THE END HA!!

Black vest with Black dress. Black Cardigan & Burgandy tights. I paired this with grey leg warmers, pumps & a white Pashmina. Also my brown winter jacket.

That's all, hope you enjoyed ! xoxo


  1. Absolutely adore your hair make-up here Samantha, and how pretty are you!? :) Love your figure too! Swap bodies!? Haha, I'd love a link to that hair tutorial if you don't mind? Looks lush! Yet another lovely blog post Samantha! :) Lots of Love, Lucy xxx

  2. @Lucy Thank you so much! I'll get round to doing that tutorial sometime soon and defenetley link you up:) xoxo