Friday, 2 October 2009

02, October

Can't believe it's already October! My favourite season is Autumn/winter though. I just think everythings so pretty at this time of the year. So i've thankfully not been shopping since Tuesday even though i've been dying to! I'm going to hold back from it. I've been missing my boyfii alot though he got a new job and has been working late all week and i work 9-5 so i've not saw him this week, so i'm looking forward to seeing him this weekend :)

Also going to see my friend cheryl tonight, not seen her all week either as she's has swine flu! How sucky, i hope i don't catch it tonight, she should be fine though we're going to the cinema and stuffs so :)

Halloween is coming up soon, leave me a comment and tell me what your dressing up as & if you have any ideas for me!

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