Saturday, 26 September 2009



26th September,
It's a Saturday & i'm in my boyfriends house, i just wanted to write a quick update on what's been happening which tbh isn't much but anyway..
I'm totally skint but i get paid on Tuesday which is good, also i'm off work on monday & tuesday which is also good :)! I went into topshop on Thursday and fell in love with a tunic i saw. So excited to buy it. I'll put a photo at the bottom of what it looks like..
In glasgow, not sure about anywhere else, Topshop on Argyle Street they are having an open night for students from 6.30pm - 9.30 and you can get 20% off, it should be fun. You should check with your closest topshop if they're doing it too!
My boyfriend and friend Cheryl both got jobs last week, Congrats to both of them <3
Basically all i've got to say, have a lovely day xoxo


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