Thursday, 20 August 2009



So, I bought this Blazer a little over 2 months ago. I've washed this blazer once, and wore it around 4 times. The reason i have only washed it once, is because the quality of this blazer is so poor, i'm scared to. The fitting of the Blazer is odd, it hangs on me & one of the sleeves has fallen down. This blazer costs £50 which is quite pricey for something that i've not even had 3 months of wear out of. I understand Jersey material is delicate but that is beyond a joke. Maybe i wouldn't have been so annoyed if they didn't charge 50 pounds for it.

If your looking for a Jersey blazer, i suggest you don't buy this one. This is also one of the reasons I don't agree with Topshop.


  1. hey girl :)
    I tagged u for an award

  2. aww, that's horrible. but i do think that the blazer look is so cute. i hope you find a cheaper one or one with better qulaity. :)

  3. Topshop can be really crap sometimes.

    I got a blazer from Miss Selfridge and it fits way better than any of the Topshop blazers and was cheaper too!


  4. I know! I recentley got a new one from Primark it was half the price & 10x better! xoxo