Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Dear January

It's been a long January & I am so glad I can finally say it's over.. even though it's been like 9 days I'm aware i'm a tiny bit late with the january favourites haha

Dear Barry M Lipgloss Toffee- when i'm wearing a lipstick i'll wear you over it, when i'm not wearing anything i'll wear you & when i want to wear something you're my number one :)

Dear Vaseline Rose Lips- you make my lips so soft & keep them moisturised all day, your packaging is very helpful and small and i can carry you around all day

Dear Mac 217 brush - you help me do everything, i love how perfect you are & you make my make-up just the way i want it

Dear Coralista blush - even though i'm a big fan of dark blush, you have won me over and now my every day go to blush, you seem to be disapearing so fast & it's making me sad but i know without a doubt i'll get you again

Dear Maybelinne liquid eyeliner pen - I don't give you enough credit, the fact your a pen makes me able to wear liquid eyeliner without one eye looking bigger than the other due to odd eyeliner, i love youu

Dear Gina perfume by benefit - you make me smell lovely & the fact my boyfriend bought me you makes you even more special, so I love to wear you

Dear Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler - thank you for being there all those times i go out on a night out or party, you make my scent stand out from the crowd and i like to hear the 'you smell nice' compliments

Dear boyfriend - thank you for being my january fav & always being here for me and looking after me, your my favourite & i love you lots :]

Hope you all had a lovely January & a great start to February, I know I am :)! xoxo

p.s. I can't find my USB for my camera, which is why there has been lack of photo & posts. So sorry but when I get a hold of it, there will be lots moree :)Xx