Monday, 25 January 2010

No, Hippy No!

So after boasting about the smell of this Shower gel and how much I love it & trying to re-place the beautiful Snow Fairy with this. I've realised maybe it's not my best friend after all.
So during last week, I started to get a few little spots on my shoulders/under arms but i took no notice just assuming they were heat spots.. I woke up on Saturday morning feeling fine & then went to get in the shower, I noticed my whole stomach / upper arms/under arms/ chest/neck were covered in a rash/spots. My mum called the NHS right away and they asked me to go up to my local hospital. They examined me and basiaclly didn't give me an answer, they gave me a few.
She asked me If I had changed soaps and I let her in on my addiction to lush and changing my soap every week basically. She said this would probably be the cause of it, so to lay off the lush for a while .. after I finished crying.. haha kidding!
She said it could be the chickenpox second time round after having them when I was 15 but no one that I was around on Friday or during the week had chickenpox or anything close. Although I've woken up this morning and they seem to be clearing a little, I'm guessing it was just the soap .. It could have also just been a viral infection but we'll never know !
I'm quite upset because now i'll have to be aware of what soap i'm using when I've never been alergic to anything in my life before!
Oh dear Lush.. ;[[ xoxo
Has anyone else ever took a reaction to Lush products?


  1. oh no that is so sad!!! Feel better soon. Even something like Lush isn't worth it if you're gonna break out in a rash!