Friday, 22 January 2010

Decisions, decisions?

Inspiration for a new bedroom
(there may be alot of these posts lately)

So i've made a few decisions lately..

Youtube - I am no longer doing, tbh I found myself making videos and not uploading them or thinking about doing a video and then thinking, I cannot be bothered. So i've taken off my videos from youtube except my introduction and I plan to stick to my blogspot :)

Blogspot? I'm also thinking about turning to the more fashion side of beauty for my blog.. I will still do posts about make-up/tips and things but I feel I should do alot more on fashion considering I get complimented on my clothes alot and basically never with make-up! What do you think?

Bedroom - I've decided to clear out my current bedroom, throw everything away that I don't need, even the things that I 'need' and move into the spare bedroom as it's much bigger & I can start fresh :)

So If anyone has any requests on any fashion type posts? Please leave a comment :)
Or anything else of course :) Samantha xoxo


  1. i love seeing photos of bedrooms . kay that sounded really creepy, but promise im not !
    photos of what clothes your loving / wanting are always good , i know i always have a list of about ten items i 'need' ha,

  2. haha me too! it always makes me so jealous, no matter what I do to my bedroom it's never the same as cute other ones i see online! xx