Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Hi girls,

So I just thought i'd do a little post this morning, It's sooo cold outside! Even with wearing trousers, boots, cardigan, scarf hat and jacket i'm still shaking in my shoes out there ! I have always loved winter though & only 9 days until Christmas !!

My boyfriend has told me basically everything he's getting me except from a few suprises.. I picked out these amazing boots from RiverIsland and the cutest purse ever from Topshop, i'll leave the rest to show you after xmas as i don't know what it is !

So as you know I started a youtube channel and things are going not bad so far, tonight I am going to be doing an 8 most worn things tag because I love this tag and have already done it on this.. and the Lush facemask recommendations I said I was going to do.. I will still do a post about them on here too though, lush face masks are my favourite, they are so great and I feel they do the trick for me ! Although I haven't used one in a while because i'm too lazy to put it on and wash it off by time i'm ready for bed I just want to sleep! I know so lazzy ..

So this Friday, will be the last time I stay at my own house until the 3rd January.. which is quite annoying because I can't really be bothered to be passed about going from house to house but hey!
That's pretty much all, hope your having a lovely week & ttys xxx

Ins & Outs
Seeing my boyf alot
My boyf and I wearing matching braclets to mark each other, when i look down at it, it just makes me feel so happy.
My best friend .. being my best friend
The fact it's only about a month until my boyf turns 18 and then me a month after him
The xmas lights and decor in my work
Finishing work on friday for two weeks !
No snow yet? :[
Not looking forward to saving up after xmas for a holiday
Having no money already?
Missing my sister , mum & dad
Anyway that's me ins and outs too, thought i'd do a quick one. Thanks girls xxxx

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