Saturday, 28 November 2009

Haul ! Part 1

Hi girls. Yesterday was pay day and well you know how it is, spendspendspend.
So i've bought quite alot of things, mostly from lush as I spent 60pounds there! Went to debenhams and superdrug, so I have quite a few things to show you :)

First of all I went to debenhams and got
Two faced smokey eye palette
Britney Spears - Midnight fantasy perfume
Benefit Dallas Blusher

However, today when I went to use the two faced palette the leaver just snapped off!! So I took it back and got a refund and i'm glad because I got lots of great things from Superdrug for the price of that one palette! I wasn't too impressed with it anyway ...

Britney Spears Midnight fantasy
Benefit Dallas blusher

Superdrug are doing 3 for 2 right now, so get your bum down there!! No idea how much longer it lasts for though.. sorry!

Sleek Sunset Palette, number 568
Sleek eye dust, colour dirty
Great lash mascara

Beauty UK eyeliner pencils in colours Green 4 & Red 6
Maybelline line definer eyeliner in colour Black Brown 16

Sorry about there being no swatch, the flash was too strong!

Collection 2000 nailpolish colours -
Minx 12
Big hair 29
Intense 25 in order of the photo

Sneak peek of part 2!!!
Got abit carried away at lush, spend over 50pounds and get a free gift bag. Don't have all of this with me at my boyfriend whichs is why I haven't done it tonight, if you would like a review or price on anything don't hesitate to leave a little comment and i'll get back to you!!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend :)
Samantha xoxo


  1. wow! someone has been very lucky! ha :)
    everything that you've bought looks lovely, especially the lush products - i'll be looking forward to a review! ha :)
    i own the snow fairy shower gel, and let me tell you - i love love love it!
    it's got a particularly girly scent that's sort of candy-like, but not too overpowering, and you get delightful little scents all the way through the day :) xx

  2. Great haul! Looks like someone has been on a right spending spree!

    Sleek products are great. xx

  3. what a lovely haul!i wish we had sleek in the US..=( let us know how the lush things work out for you.. i've been dying to try some!

  4. Thanks girls, I will defenetly get around to doing my lush haul it's just the case of uploading as I've already taken all the photos.. and I will also do a review on my favourite and less favourite products :) xoxo