Monday, 2 November 2009

8 Most Worn

So this is my 8 most worn, i've been wanting to do it for a while but because my webcam has such poor quality and my mums camera has broken, i've held back. My webcam is still rubbish and my mums camera is still broken .. so i'm just going to do a list.

1. Most worn Lipstick/Lipgloss
My Most worn lipstick is Rimmel - 006 Pink Blush. Even though I would never wear this lipstick on it's own I wear Gosh Darling over this because I can't wear gosh darling on its own either.
With no Gosh Darling right now, I would wear a little foundation / lip remover over this with some lipgloss. I don't tend to wear lipgloss on it's own.

2. Most worn earrings
These would have to be my pink pearl studs or my oversized black/silver metallic sequin earrings. Which I obviously cannot wear to work so I would wear my pearl studs.

3.Most worn top
I would have to say my over-sized jumper. This is my comfort jumper, i wear it to bed/lazing about/my boyfriends/out.. i'll wear it everywhere! I would actually live in this jumper if I could..

4.Most worn nail polish
I'm going to say just a black nail polish for this one, ever since Autumn & Winter has came in i've not really had the chance to go shopping for a nail polish.. so i've just been sticking to black. Can't go wrong, right? :)

5.Most worn shoes
Any pair of pumps I own, more my white and black chain ones from Primark or my Navy Patent pumps, not only do I wear these to work, but they are handy coming home from a night out or if I can't be bothered to make an effort

6.Most worn hair product
I'm going to cheat and say hairspray!

7.Most worn perfume
I go through a bottle of perfume within a month.. it's ridiculous. I'm going to name my favourites, I lovelove Gucci by Gucci it reminds me of my boyfriend and Christmas. I love Angel & Britney Spears Curious .. I think it's curious

8.Most worn handbang
Probably my little black, look alike fendi bag. Lovee itt

I tag everyone of my subscribers to do this because I love this tag so much! I never get old of reading/watching it. So do it :)!

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